Millerz Square

Millerz Square660sf (1+1r1b)LocationDeveloperFacilitiesMixed DevelopmentResidenceTower A (Partial Furnished)Tower B (Partial Furnished)Tower C (Fully Furnished)Tower DCommercialRetail lotsExsim HQIQI HQOfficesDasain ArtsTower E (Fully Furnished)672sf (2r2b)852sf (2r2b) Available - Level 37871sf (2r2b)Available - Level 31Available - Level 9Available - Level 40Step 2 (Hook Interest)Step 1 (Intro)Step 3 (Find A Topic)Loan Topic13% Rebate / 9% Rebate with GRR11% Rebate12% Rebate12% RebateOwner signed a policy with Exsim, so that Exsim can control & upkeep the retail lotsWhat so good about Fully FurnishedStandard Fittings891sf (2r2b)Available Level 37RM 847k12% Rebate871sf (2r2b)Available Level 38RM 839k12% RebateRM 834kRM 839k891sf (2r2b)Available - Level 33ARM 864k12% RebateRM 667kRM 710k