REHABILITATIONADDICTIONCAUSESTHERAPYTYPESSUBSTANCE BEHAVIOURALAlcoholNEEDDrugsmarijunaopiuimgamblinggamingpornmulti mediaPSYCHOlOGYIf brain change with learning and development then brain changes doesnt necessarily means brain disease.development /learning=synaptic growth + synaptic pruningSynaptic gowthnovelty,new association,increasing knowlege and skillSynaptic pruningconsolidating,efficiency,habit formationADDICTION is really a kind of skillAREA OF BRAIN which are critical for jugment,decison making,learning and memory and behavioural control.(dorsolateral)Prefrontal cortex- Sophisticated region responsible for judgement,decision making,perspective- taking self regulation good stuff(Nucleus accumbens)Striatum - Gets us mammals to act to basically pursue goals and generate motivate to that.(Ventral tengmental area)Mid brain - Partly energize the stratium to focus on the go.focus and drive behaviour allows to follow sequences of steps.SubtopicCognitive behavioral therapy.Dialectical behavior therapy.Motivational interview.Psychodynamic therapyMindfulness/ meditationContingency management.Compassion – focused therapySocial support scaffoldingIt Centers on identifying and changing inaccurate or distorted thinking patterns, emotional responses, and behaviors. •Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others. •In contrast [to behavioral therapy], dynamic psychotherapy, which facilitates a patient’s rewriting of his life narrative, his picture of himself, his past, present, and future, seems uniquely positioned to address the depth of a individual’s experience.” Directing all of your attention and awareness to the present—can bring many benefits to your emotional and physical health, as well as to the relationships in your life. Often called motivational incentives, is a type of behavioral therapy rooted in the basis of operant conditioning. The brainFamily historyGeneticsEnvironmentFrequency and duration of useARCHITECTUREBiophilic designBiophilic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. Nature in the Space Visual Connection with Nature. Non-Visual Connection with Nature. Non-Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli.Presence of WaterDynamic & Diffuse LightConnection with Natural SystemsNatural Analogues Nature of the Space Biomorphic Forms & PatternsMaterial Connection with NatureComplexity & OrderProspect.Refuge.Mystery.Risk/Peril