90-Day Content Marketing Plan

The Sidepath Content MarketingInstagramLinkedInYoutubeQuoraTwitterPinterestSpotifyMediumReelsProblemOur courses fall in various different categories, how can we make content around different topics by not looking like a confused company which doesn't have a niche?SolutionI suggest we take up 2 'hero' courses every 3 Weeks. Then solely focus on promoting the 'hero' course for 2 weeks by posting content around it. CarouselsStoriesLIVEsGiveawaysOur reels right now talk about very diverse topics, as I told, we will be making reels specifically about the hero course for 2 weeks30 Days 30 Reels3-sec Hook > Valeable Information > Too much info to remember (for saves) > Relatable/funny/memes (for shares) > Community strategy (for shares) > CTA in the end - Upskill Karo, Thesidepath.in visit karo | It's time to upskill India, visit thesidepath.inCarousels for making the new audience stay & increasing engagementReels for outbound marketing & reaching new audienceWe need more faces on the carouselsWe really haven't posted valueable carousels, time to change that!I'll design a carousel template As a fun startup, we can use stories and maximise its potentialVirtual story games, quizzes, polls, question stickersIntern take-overs, Behind the scenes,Follow all this, and see your story views skrocket & CVR get betterLive every week with a person with more than 1k+ FollowersLive with mentors reegularly before launching their bootcampOne of the best ways to show-up & interact with your audienceTechnical guruji style course-access giveaways for lucky winners who'll share the postOnce we cross 2k+ followers, we will launch hunts, spot hints across our stories & reels, decode the code & get free-access to courses! We are gamifying education, why not gamify our instagram?Course DemosTestimonialsInterviewsPodcastsBootcamp promotionsMinimized version of blogsB2B Articles (more on this later)21 days, 21 answers challenge (related to the niche of the hero course)writing B2B articlesWhy B2B Articles?to build an elite audience of business owners, founders & CEOswe can focus on getting funded if we wantgetting new mentors onboardwe can collaborate with important people who can help us grow!Podcasts2-3 podcasts on every upcoming bootcamp with the mentorSubtle product placementNews for the youth - a 5-7 min summary of all the important news about startups, finance, weird things happening, things the youth should know basically after every 3 daysMost used website after google, we need to make a mini-strategy for this, I haven't persoanlly used it so can't think of anything great right nowWriting interesting tweetsMemesParticipating in trendsHopping on to big tweet threadsInteresting news (RVCJ)Own WebsiteBlogPersonalizationhow can we create a made-for-you experience?The Answer: knowing about them. asking about their pain points, their struggles, where do they wanna go, why are they not able to go there, what can help them, and knowing our audience to the core.We need to work closely with the mentor as well as the college society head to develop an ideal client avatar.Launch all access passes for different categoriesGive them custom profile avatarsRedesign cohort covers#AbUpskillKaregaYouthto transform business into a movementUse of long-tail keywordsEngaging content4:1 ratio Micro influencersPollsQuizesHow good of a graphic designer are you?Aptitude testsEtc.Find people with 1k-25k followers on Instagram in the same niche of hero course eg: Ethical HackingContact them to work on commission basisUse storytelling to promoteNext StepsCreate the STP marketing planThis should define our segment, target audience, brand voice, brand personalityTake-over Instagram for the next 30 DaysFind micro-influencers for upcoming bootcampsHire interns to make content - podcast, blogsCreate an objective & deadline based 30-days planWhatsapp Whatsapp bots for upcoming cohortsThis is a 90-day Plan
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