Popular and rich music artist (in America)

Popular and rich music artist (in America)1.English2.Music4.MarketingHave 1 million listenings on musicGet to any popular show kind of: Genius, Complex etc.ListeningVocalBeats3.PhycologyBe able fully understand native speakerGrammarVocabularyUsingBe mentally ready to the big popularityLyricspresent perfect continiousinginitive & gerundcomapatives & superlativespast perfect2nd conditionalquotes & reported speechphrasal verbs/verb + prepositionadjective clauses3rd conditionalpassive voicetag questionsreported speech in the pastarticlestransition words & phrasesfuture perfectmodals in the pastmixed conditionalspast & future perfect progressiveadjective,adverb,noun clausesphrasal verbs + idiomsMastering4,000-10,000 wordsBe able to talk on any theme in any momentHave 1 million views on music videosFight anxietyPlaying guitarAdvanced English levelRead the book "Master Key"To be self-assuredTo sleep at least 8 hours dailyOn the 29th of August 2022 my vocabulary will have 5000+ words if I'll be learning 10 words a day dailyOn the 29th of August 2022 I'll be bully understand native speaker if I'll be watching 10 videos (duration 10+ minutes) in English everydayFind a friend or a fellow who lives in America (or just a native speaker) and fight all fearsOn the 29th of August I'll be able to talk on any theme if I'll be writing 3 essays everydayStop being ashamed of parentsStop being ashamed of other peopleHave 1 million subscribers in Tik TokHave 200k subscribers in InstagramHave 100k subscribers in YoutubeBe opened to them: 1) always tell about problems; 2) don't be afraid to do something new near to them; 3) don't be afraid to make a mistake; 4) don't be afraid to sing against them.Stop care so much about others opinionComplete 24 exercisesTo fight all fearsTo go to bed at 11 pmTo find a goal to change the thoughtsSpend 24 weeksTo help othersTo give awards for done workSchedule 1 hour of rest before you go to sleepTo find like-minded person