Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing 1.Market Analysis3.Fair2.Marketing Plan7.Product Development6.Management5.Audit4.Trip8.Order9.Customer acquisition10.Client relationship management (CRM)11.Cost Structure Reviewa. Competitor analysisb. Customer analysisc. Business trend analysisa. Website & Social media accounts management b. Advertisementsc. Email marketingd. Corporate announcementse. Marketing content creation (Blogs, posts, videos, fliers)f. RJM Brand image managementa. Organize trade fair logistics (budget, registration, travel & accommodations)b. Customer meeting preparation (visitor list, scheduling, agenda)c. Sample review, quotation, and selectiond. Pre & post fair presentation and evaluationa. Organize trip logistics (Budget, documents, travel & accommodation)b. Customer meeting preparation (visitor list, scheduling, agenda) c. Sample & collection review, quotation, and selectiond. Pre & post trade presentation and evaluationa. Internal Audits (5S, ISO DCC audit)b. External Audits (Compliances & certifications, KPMG)a. Sales value forecastb. Yearly plan & Project Planc. Department Organization (Organization chart, Layout, Mind map, JD/JS,KPI, Development plan, budget) d.IDP Internal Traininga. Samples (SRN, SRE, RND)b. Item quotationc. Analysis (mold & sketch quota, mold successful rate)a. Prepare data for ERP entryb. Pre-production sample (QA sample)c. Follow up ordersd. Customer pre-shipment requirements (Stamp, inspection, testing, booking and follow up)a. New customer sourcesb. Customer credit and background checkc. Company introduction i.Company profile ii.Capabilities iii.Capacitya. Customer serviceb. Customer visitc. Complaints, returns, & feedback managementd. Survey managemente. Customer contract & manuals managementa. Marketing and sales terms review (Mark ups & CN/DN)b. Margin control
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