In-Depth SWOT Alalysis of Netflix

SWOT Analysis of Netflix
Netflix are in 190 countries, there are only 5 countries in the world that Netflix is not available in
Powerful image
Media piracy
Global presence,expanded at an exponential rate.
Original content
Top-rated shows
Revenue model copied
Dependency on North-American customers
Restricted copyright
Bad customer service representatives
growing demands for OTT (over-the-top) services
Extra services to the platform
Strategic partnerships with local marketplaces
Hacked Netflix accounts
Government policies
Low client base
developing new ideas superior to existing OTT Channels
Cancel Culture
becoming bloated from a content point of view
content being pulled from Netflix such as in recent years all the marvel and Disney content being removed as well as many 21st century fox titles too due to the Disney acquisition of this company
190 countries as stated above some of these countries may not have the infrastructure that allows the company to establish high priced membership