How To Study for The CASPer Test

The CASPer Prep Guide

This article mainly focuses on what is the CASPer test, its logistics, and how to prepare for the CASPer test. Meanwhile, there are several tips that should be noticed when studying the CASPer. Via this guide, hope you can learn something or get inspiration to some degree.

1. What is the CASPer Test

The Computer-based Personal Characteristics Sampling Assessment is an online application produced by McMaster Medical School. CASPer (Computer-Based Evaluation for the Selection of Personal Characteristics) is an admissions tool developed by McMaster University (Canada) researchers to quantify qualities such as integrity, honesty, empathy, and compassion. You can learn how to study for CASPer.

Medical schools can use it instead of, or in addition to, a conventional medical school interview. Test creators contend that traditional approaches for assessing the applicant's attributes are inadequate and that CASPer provides a consistent measure of integrity, honesty, and connectivity.

Pretend that you're a medical school admissions service. You know, the typical med school interview (2 interviews, one with a professor and the other with a med student) isn't as successful as the MMI. You can recruit many people to teach them to do an MMI, or you can ask candidates to take an exam that promises to be almost as good as the MMI (though there is a shortage of testing, to put it mildly).

2. Logistics of CASPer Test

It is necessary to know all the conditions and standards of taking the CASPer test. The following parts will take you to understand all the logistics of CASPer.,nbsp;

How to Study for CASPer test

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    • How do I take the CASPer test?

You can take part in the CASPer test via this web:,nbsp;

    • How much will it cost to take the CASPer?

Requiring candidates to take the exam is a simple choice. The non-refundable examination charge for U.S. candidates is $12, with an extra $12 charge for each med school you send the results to med school.

    • When should we take the CASPer test?

The CASPer test takes at least once a month, and you could take the CASPer test online, but you have to register for the test 3 days before the test date.

    • How long will it take from the CASPer to be scored to send to medical school?

It will take 3 weeks for your CASPer test to be scored and sent to the medical school you intend to go to.

3. How To Prepare for CASPer Test

There are 7 tips for helping students to prepare for the CASPer test. A full preparation may help you release the pressure, segment your prep tasks, and make your knowledge easy to understand.

How to Study for CASPer

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1. Review practice questions and expert responses

No one knows what questions they will answer on the final CASPer exam, so reading preparation questions and expert answers will help you internalize the experience of reliable, successful responses.

Although it's extremely doubtful that you'll get the questions you're looking for on the exam itself, you'll be reinforced by frameworks, patterns, qualities, and approaches to good responses. You will begin to make specific systems, patterns, qualities, and processes on your own. Note, it is not a matter of memorizing the study's material of those questions and answers.

2. Time yourself with practice

Performance is better obtained in any test scenario by learning in circumstances that mimic the real test. The short time is one of the most challenging aspects of the CASPer test.

Timed testing will help you work out how to express your ideas more effectively, and you will be able to respond to the actual exam efficiently. Practice using practical models, then, and ensure that you receive good feedback on your results. You can learn how to study for CASPer.

3. Use your voice

Responding to what you think the assessor needs to hear makes your answers stand out for the wrong reasons. Many who respond with what they consider to be the "correct" response might sound incorrect or impractical.

Typically, these responses sound inauthentic or are improperly designed because the focus is on displaying a specific function rather than producing a reply. It's better to respond with your gut response, explain why you feel this way, and deliver your answers based on your learnings and experiences.

4. Read up on headlines, debates, and hot topics

One of the first things you should do is begin your preparation for CASPer training by reading news stories to date with current affairs. You can also pay special attention to patient proceedings, court decisions, or other reports relevant to your future career.

And, of course, because CASPer is a reflection of your traits, spend some time focusing on your previous encounters and how they have helped you improve such non-cognitive abilities, such as the ability to solve challenges, manage disputes, or cooperate with others.

5. Use mind maps for visualization and understanding

A mind map is a simple way to formulate your ideas organically without thinking about order and organization. It helps you to organize your thoughts and assist with interpretation visually. A mind can help you prep for the CASPer test. EdrawMind is one of the leading tools to create such mind maps that can help you organize your work and help you make some great timelines that will benefit you in the long run.

You can use it to construct ideas and build your responses to different scenarios. A mind map is a diagram for representing functions, terms, ideas, or objects connected to and organized around a central concept or topic using a non-linear graphical structure that helps the user create an abstract context around a central concept.

6. Familiarize yourself with the test format

Going into the exam, if you familiarize yourself with what to expect, you will find yourself better prepared. Please know that there are 12 segments to be completed in 60-90 minutes. You will get an optional 10-minute break after six installments, where you can get up and rest or use the washroom.

The segments consist of either a video-based or a word-based scenario. You are asked to insert your answers to each question in the text box you have described. When the timer is done, you are immediately guided to the next segment where a new scenario is introduced.

7. Learn how you are going to be evaluated

Let's discuss some of the things CASPer test raters are looking for while analyzing your responses, so you can make sure you know how to plan for CASPer effectively. In each answer to a question, the evaluators are qualified to make a mark based on the following:

    • Understanding of Concepts

How many key ideas you've found in the question.

    • Delivery

If you have established and discussed the main pressing issue(s) responsibly and competently.

    • Resist Bias

You desire to resist a one-sided, one-sided answer and to consider different viewpoints.

    • Ethical Learning

You will be evaluated based on how you depict strong moral and ethical principles, and whether your commitment to those principles is upheld under pressure.

4. The DOs and DON’Ts for Preparation
When preparing the CASPer Test, you should pay attention to some dos and do nots, which will be your shortcuts for getting a higher score.

  1. Time yourself with practice - Success is better obtained in any test scenario by learning in circumstances that mimic the real test. The short time is one of the most stressful aspects of the CASPer test;
  2. Make statements - Many people respond with what characteristics they would like to show in their response, or how they think someone else would interpret their response, but very few use what language they might use;
  3. Calm down and breathe - Nothing's going to go smoothly all the time. In some of your reactions, you can expect to make a few mistakes.
  1. Don't forget about the little things - Be sure the cap lock is not turned on, don't use slangs, and do your best to be grammatically correct with minimum spelling errors;
  2. Don't leave the response blank only because you don't know how to respond - The assessors know how tough the CASPer test is but, make sure to answer all the questions;
  3. Don't write your answers directly from the preparation materials.

5. Conclusion

According to this article, it is useful for preparing the CASPer test. As known, the CASPer test is an essential test for medical students in the US. Only mastering a valuable and efficient method will you stand out and get a higher score to go to your dream medical school.

It is practical to use mind maps for understanding and remembering knowledge and ideas through all these methods and ways. EdrawMind is a powerful and accessible mind mapping software. You can create detailed and intuitive mind maps with only a few clicks. With mind maps, the complicated concepts could be simplified into a few images.


The Appendix is the school list that accept the certificate of CASPer test.

  • Albany Medical College
  • Augusta University
  • Central Michigan University
  • East Tennessee State University
  • Howard University
  • Michigan State University
  • New York Medical College
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • NYU School of Medicine
  • Rosalind Franklin University
  • Rutgers University
  • State University of New York
  • Stony Brook University
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Vermont
  • University of Washington
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • West Virginia University
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