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50,000 tokens

AI tokens are non-refundable.
Edraw AI: 1 token≈10 words
OCR=50 tokens/time

999,999 tokens

AI tokens are non-refundable.
Edraw AI: 1 token≈10 words
OCR=50 tokens/time

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Frequently Asked Questions

EdrawMind AI tokens are a digital commodity used for EdrawMind AI features and have long-term validity.
Edraw AI offers a range of advanced features to help users create mind maps effortlessly. With its one-click mind map generation feature, users can easily generate mind maps in no time. The software also comes with AI pre-scene content generation, which includes one-click brainstorming, AI SWOT analysis, AI article generation, weekly report generation, smart annotation, OCR (available for desktop only), etc. See all features >>
When using Edraw AI, approximately 1 token is consumed for every 10 words (including input and output words).
AI tokens do not have an expiry date.
Of course, you can! To allow all users to try out the amazing AI feature, we provide 200 AI tokens to every free trial and paid user. Even free trial users can use the AI feature as long as they have sufficient AI tokens.
Yes, you can purchase the AI feature individually even without an EdrawMind membership.
Edraw AI only executes commands based on users' inputs and does not access any other private data.
EdrawMind AI feature is a multi-lingual tool that supports a variety of languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and etc. While the AI feature provides excellent outputs for all of the above languages, the English language has the highest output quality.

Edraw Al Function Use Agreement

  • 1. Edraw AI function provides users with convenient text content generation services;
  • 2. This function is only used for learning and communication, not for commercial purposes;
  • 3. Please note that the content generated by this function cannot guarantee 100% accuracy;
  • 4. You need to use this function legally and compliantly, and be responsible for the possible legal risks arising therefrom;
  • 5. For any inquiries, please reach out to EdrawMind customer service.