Product Launch Checklist

Plan and deliver a new product launch more efficiently.
Product Launch Checklist

About the product launch checklist

What is a product launch checklist?

A product launch checklist structures all the tasks that must be accomplished to successfully release a product or a new feature on a given timeline. It is an essential tool to provide synchronization and alignment of the entire team around a unified goal. The checklist includes everything from positioning, design, and development to training, campaigns, and support.
The product managers oversee the entire process and cross-functional tasks needed to bring the innovation to the target audience. You are at the epicenter of the team and promote collaboration across departments and teams to efficiently deliver product vision and make sure that the product or service launch runs seamlessly.

Benefits of using a product launch checklist

There are several reasons why a product launch checklist template is essential in the workflow. Below are some of the benefits of this structure:
  • You will never miss out on essential tasks. The product launch checklist assures you and the team that you will remember your project's vital functions. Remember that missing out even on just one task for the launch can make or break your project's success. It allows the team to focus on the overall goal while not counting out the essential details.
  • It helps you identify and be ready for unforeseen circumstances. Of course, you expect the project launch to be smooth sailing, but you must not take for granted some uncontrollable situations that might come your way during the event. That is why with your product launch checklist, your team can anticipate certain conditions and prepare interventions ahead.
  • It promotes better teamwork. Since every team member can access the product launch checklist, it can help them work cohesively. Overlapping and duplication of tasks are not evident with a practical checklist since every member is assigned a specific task, and all those responsibilities are noted on the checklist. It also creates a harmonious environment in the workplace, making each team member accountable for their assignments.
  • It makes the work more manageable. The checklist is about the tasks and other important matters for the product launch. Also, it breaks down huge responsibilities into simplified ones making it easier for managers and leaders to disseminate functions to their members. Since they are already broken down into subtasks, it takes off heavy workloads from some team members.

What should a product launch plan include?

A product launch checklist involves a long list of activities and justifications for each of them. The checklist has to be thoroughly better to tell the overall story of the product launch, justify your launch plan, and eventually get the funding you will need for the project.

Here is how you have to fill your product launch checklist:

  1. Executive summary: This is the summary of campaign goals, which includes product audience, company messages, goals for the product launch, and how you will measure the success of your project. You also need to determine key features of your product, system requirements, and other functions.
  2. Product description: You can include a 2-3 paragraph description which describes your product, its main features, the benefits, and how it can solve customers' issues.
  3. Target audience. The following questions will guide you on how to identify your target audience effectively:
    • Who is the target customer?
    • Who are your product personas?
    • What are the target segments?
    • What are our target business segments?
  4. Key messages: Identify the essential messages for your product and your company.
  5. Critical success points: Include particular criteria which indicate that the product launch was a success. You can input specific and measurable goals like revenue targets, the number of partners that carry the product, and the availability of channels.
  6. Vital milestones and dates: Important dates and milestones include budget, positioning, product availability, product name, and press releases and activities.
  7. Owners and internal commitments: These are people or team members assigned to support the customers using the beta program.
  8. Marketing communications: Marketing tools that you might need for your product launch might include the following:
    • Brochures and datasheets
    • Publications and press events
    • Online communications
    • Trade shows
    • Product evaluations
    • Company web pages
  9. Milestones: You need to include the timeline of activities that need to be realized in the product launch checklist.
  10. Budget: It is better to illustrate budget allocation through a pie chart and see how the team allocates the funding for the product launch.
  11. Other: Few essential elements in the checklist that you also have to take note of include risk analysis, open issues, core team members, document approval, and assumptions. The checklist can be lengthy but coming up with such a structure assures your company of a seamless product launch.

Product launch checklist examples

You can choose a standard template or a new product launch checklist template for your project. Structure your templates either on traditional whiteboards or using online tools. Here are a few examples:
The first example is a short and simplified template of a service launch which comprises five stages. The user utilizes various colors to highlight every aspect of the product launch checklist based on the example. It is a straightforward approach that does not use any sentences, making it easier to grasp. If you feel like the template lacks a few sections, then you can add more.
You like this second example because it uses symbols and images to represent each element in the checklist. Since the product launch checklist can be lengthy, the user divides it into pages, with the first page being the overview of what to expect for the following pages. A checklist used in product launches hardly fits in one page because of several aspects and considerations that you have to list down. So it is just normal to have two or more pages for a product launch checklist.

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