Best 4 Mind Mapping Tools for Linux

Mind Map Linux

The process of structured thinking creates a framework for an unstructured problem. The structure helps to not only understand a specific question, but it also helps to identify areas where more understanding is needed. Structured thinking allows us to map ideas structurally and will enable us to identify areas that require the most consideration.

Mind mapping is a concept of free flow. Therefore, you need a versatile software that can fit your needs. It is a way to help organize your way of thinking and stimulate your creativity. Mind mapping can help develop, sort, and memorize ideas.

Mind map Linux tools have compatibility to work under a Linux operating environment and has features similar to other contemporary operating environments like Windows or Mac or mobile OS.

1. What Makes A Good Mind Mapping Tool

mind map linux

Source: EdrawMind

    • Creative Technique

Brainstorming is a perfect use of mind map Linux. They help develop the initial concept, and the flexibility to keep refining before specific creative ideas can be achieved.

    • Capacity for Analysis

When deciding on an idea or concept, it helps to isolate it, to analyze it, and then to achieve a knowledgeable conclusion.

    • Classification of Information

It facilitates efficient, intuitive type and organizing of ideas so that participants can recognize what they want.

    • Device Compatibility

Mind mapping tools that can be used in various devices and platform makes the collaborative designing and brainstorming approach more efficient.

    • Teamwork

A mind map representing every idea or concept provides an overview of the project. This overview helps in ensuring that every team member is on the same page. Therefore, explaining project ideas with a mind map results in greater clarity, consistency, and accuracy.

    • Better Project Plan

Mind map Linux tools have an excellent format for the content and project plan. They help in simplifying the given data and making it accessible to all participating members.

2. Best 5 Mind Mapping Tool for Linux

A great mind mapping software can map your various models and examples or their intuitive interface with minimal effort. Mind map for Linux tool is not only a mind mapping tool but also a more comprehensive set of applications designed to help people function together.

Also, for most users, real collaboration is necessary, mainly when working with larger teams. Mind map software is a useful tool for users to visualize conceptualization and simplify complicated problems. Based on this, we bring a comparison between the five most popular mind maps for Linux tools.

Software Compatible Systems Pros Cons
EdrawMind Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Web Easy to use, Real-time collaboration, Brainstorming code, Taking notes Limited functions for free
FreeMind Windows, Linux, Mac Free and open-source, Shortcut keys, Multi-user collaboration Old interface, Not smooth user experience
Coggle Web, iOS, Android, Linux Free tool, Real-time collaboration Only for browser users
Freeplane Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Free and open source, drag and drop Unintuitive interface

1. EdrawMind


Source: EdrawMind

It can always be utilized for developing creative thinking skills, obtaining clarity, and tracing the various activities that we must deal with. It is the best tool for you to be used on any devices as you want. This best free mind mapping software helps to create your own mind maps with ease, as it contains hundreds of ready-made templates. What’s more, the free version allows you to store up to 3 maps online. The maps created can be exported in JPG, PDF, GIF, or PNG formats.


  • Easy to use the tool;
  • Cross-platform availability for Desktop - Windows, Linux, OS X, and mobile - Android, iOS. Both desktop ,amp; browser versions;
  • It allows real-time collaboration for drawings and notes;
  • It supports brainstorming mode and making Gantt chart;
  • People can use presentation mode to display the mind maps;
  • Multi-platforms to use EdrawMind online and offline.


  • The free version has limited functions;
  • Sometimes the online version is not as stable as desktop version.

2. FreeMind


Source: FreeMind

It is a simple and intuitive program that requires Java software installed on the computer. Freemind is a free and opensource tool. It has a seamless interface to copy and paste hierarchy from and to Microsoft Word.


  • It offers shortcut keys for power users and drag-and-drop;
  • Supports multi-user collaboration;
  • Available for cross-platform that includes Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS ,amp; Android;
  • Easy to use and many export formats;
  • Support media files recognize URLs and available in full-screen mode.


  • Visually the interface is a very ancient look and not appealing to the user;
  • Button clicks and drag-drop not very smooth.

3. Coggle


Source: Coggle

It is a very simple online tool to create conceptual maps without the need to download anything, as it works on your browser. This software can be used for planning, brainstorming, and taking notes. Moreover, it allows users to share their work with others.


  • Coggle is a free tool;
  • It allows many people to collaborate and work on notes and drawings in real-time;
  • Substantial symbols and shapes.


  • Non-availability of some standard features;
  • Only available as a browser version.

4. Freeplane


Source: Freeplane

Freeplane is a free and open-source mind mapping software, which is better for writing product outlines, and Java outlines.


  • Free and Open source tool;
  • Cross-platform availability for desktop ,amp; mobile is available;
  • It offers shortcut keys for power users and drag-n-drop;
  • Supports multi-user collaboration;
  • Good documentation;
  • Support media files, commands and URLs.


  • Complex interface;
  • Hard to use when compared with other mind mapping tools.

3. Key Takeaways

There are numerous tools to help you quickly and efficiently collect and organize your thoughts and ideas as a mind map for Linux. These tools can save you time and effort in building mind maps and sharing them online with your teammates.

Based on all the mind map Linux tools available, it is easy to conclude that, while every instrument has its advantages and disadvantages, EdrawMind has the edge over other more popular mind mapping tool for Linux.

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