What is Matthew Effect?

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The Definition of Matthew Effect

The Matthew effect refers to the phenomenon that the stronger is stronger and the weaker is weaker. It is widely used in the fields of social psychology, education, finance, and science. The Matthew effect is a term commonly used by sociologists and economists. It reflects the social phenomenon of polarization, richer and richer, and poorer and poorer. A parable from the Bible "New Testament Matthew": "Everything you have will be doubled to make him superfluous; if not, even what he has will be taken away." Learn the Matthew effect with the EdrawMind mind map below.

Matthew effect

The Matthew effect is a socio-psychological phenomenon and a universal law. We need to study it based on the principle of dialectical materialism. Treat it properly, apply it scientifically, and use positive factors to overcome negative factors. Personally, when encountering difficulties, use a positive attitude to overcome the current difficulties and be persistent and never fail. In terms of business management, we must first determine our core competitiveness, quickly grow in its target area in the shortest time, and constantly maintain our advantages. In terms of career development, we must clarify our professional positioning, set clear goals, and make corresponding career plans according to individual circumstances.


Finally, I believe that you can quickly understand what the Matthew effect is through these two mind maps, and what kind of enlightenment we have. I also hope that everyone can overcome the negative factors with a positive attitude in daily life!