FAQs for EdrawMind

This page is dedicated to helping you quickly find answers to the frequently asked questions and know more details about EdrawMind.

If the eddx file is a mind map diagram, you can open and edit it on EdrawMind.

Yes. You can set it in Options > Network Proxy.

Please move the cursor on the icon, and when the floating box appears, click the link on the floating box to open the file or URL.

Windows: C:\Users\WS\AppData\Local\Edraw\EdrawMind

Mac: Users\your user name\Libraries\Edraw\EdrawMind

When your computer is shut down or crashed because of a technical glitch, any documents that were open and being worked before the shutdown won't be lost. Next time you open EdrawMind, a pop-up window will remind you to recover your unsaved files. Also, you can visit via this path: C:\Users\WS\AppData\Local\Edraw\EdrawMind folder to find autosaved files.

Navigate to File > Cloud Document > Shared, select the file and right-click to cancel the share.

Click your user name in EdrawMind, select User Center to open the User Center window, and then choose Devices to checke and unbind any device.

In Gantt Chart view, select the linked task in progress bar and right-click to choose unlink.

In EdrawMind V7.2 (Release Date: Sept 4, 2019) and later versions, navigate to Advanced > Find & Replace to open the Find & Replace window and search anything you want.

Go to File > Options > Format, tick Use default font instead of theme font and choose your default font.

After you finish a mind map, you can save the theme into your own theme library. Go to Page Style on the ribbon, choose Custom Theme and then you can create custom themes or save the current theme

Simply hold down the right mouse button to pan your canvas freely.

Go to File > Options > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts to set the shortcut keys for different actions to your liking.