Personal Literacy Narrative

Personal Literacy Narrative
Start off with a future, grandmother
version of myself telling a story
Best reader of my class
How great reading was for me, and
can be for you... blah blah blah
"I hate reading, Grandma!"
"Do you want to hear a story when I was your age?" --> Starting point on telling MY story
How I started reading/writing
I used to make loops and scribbles and think I was writing cursive (5 yrs.)
learned actual cursive at 6 yrs old. I cried and I hated it, but I still use it to this day
First book I remember reading was "Old Hat, New Hat" by Dr. Seuss and "Desperaux"by Kate Dicamillo.
always awarded "Book Worm" Award in school
Most A.R. point throughout elementary and middle school (1st-8th grade)
Read mostly fiction novels, as well as history novels.
Learned to read "in depth" in Highschool. Went to an extremely rigorous high school. I was taught to annotate everything I read and saw (books,, newspapers, movies, plays, etc...)
Resented it at first, but it was so instilled into us, that it's hard to not annotate movies and books when watching or reading for fun.
how I felt that I was on an adventure with every book I read
Reading gave me the ability to leave this work and discover others
I used to hide in my parent's walk-in closet and read with a flashlight, so as not to be disturbed.
Last thing: "Books are the greatest weapons in the world! Arm yourself!"
--Doctor. Who