Yellow River and The Nile River

Yellow River & The Nile River
Geography and Agriculture
Science and Technology
Arts & Education
Economy & Trade
Government & Leaders
Social Structure and Family
- Nile
- Him and this priests would perform
rituals everyday to ensure the sun
- They prayed for the rain
- They prayed that crops would grow
- People believed Pharah was a
God in human form
- Yellow River
- Believed in after life
- Asked ancestors for advice
- Believed in Confacimlsm
- Believed in Daoism
- Nile
- Egypt Flows through the Sahara
- Depends on the nile water
- They go where the most fertile soil is
- They went where the best crops were
- Yellow River
- Water flows through the Plateau
to the Yellow Sea
- Climate was cool and dry
- They had good water flow
- Fertile land due to the rive
- Yellow River
- Started working with bronze
- Made and used a calander
- They invented the first money system
- Also used a lot of Iron
- Nile
- Horse and Charoit
- Made armor and strong bow
- They made tunnels in through
the great pyramids
- They also made inner chambers
- Nile
- Carvings of Osiris were made he
was a god that was part human part
- The most famous symbols of
Egypt were the pyramids
- Huang He
- Artists created highly decorated
bronze vessels and objects
- Nile
- -Egyptians of the middle kingdom
traded with the hubians trade routes
- -Egyptian trade routes weren't very safe
- Huang He
- -Population grew which led to the building of
roads and canals, which led to better
- Nile
- - Pharaohs were leaders
- -Pharaohs acted as judges and
leaders of Egypt's army
- -The pharaoh was surrounded by buracracy
- -Lower and upper Egypt united
around 3,100 B.C.
- Huang He
- -Kings appointed governors to rule
distant parts of the kingdom
- Nile
- Pharaoh had to find a new way
to keep Egypt families safe
- Borders were built borders
- They also did it to keep the kingdom safe
- You were higher up the social latter
when you had more money and
material things
- Yellow River
- Confucius believed that people
should treat another humonley
- Daoism encourages people to retreat
- They were on the social latter
due to their religion
- They also followed the leader
of the area they were in.