Design a Storyboard for a Stop Motion Animation

Design a Storyboard for a
Stop Motion Animation
- Lesson Activities Overview
- Introduction
- Introduce concept and technique of stop motion
- Watch example of animation video on IWB
- Discuss thoughts and ideas about task and
topic and introduce first activity
- Body
- Introduce and discuss concept of storyboarding
- Show students example of completed
storyboard and model 'how to'.
- Divide students into groups of 3 and give
students storyboard template
- Students brainstorm and discuss ideas as a
- Students then complete a whole group
storyboard plan - individually
- Once drawings complete in each box - student
write a short sentence describing each part of
the storyboard
- Conclusion
- Students to share storyboards with other
groups (whole class)
- Short recap and discussion of topic and new
- Briefly touch on what will be covered in next
weeks lesson.
- Cross-Curriculum Learning
- General Capabilities
identify and clarify information and ideas,
organise and process information and transfer
knowledge into new contexts
- ICT: Students generate solutions to challenges
and learning area tasks
work collaboratively in small groups
- Other Learning Areas
- Cross-curriculum priority
- Design and Technologies
- Sustainability
- Recognising and promoting the importance of
looking after our environment
- Demonstrating the affects and impact of
deforestation on our environment
- Resources
- Introduction
- Animation Example
- IWB, Whiteboard & Markers
- Body
- Example of storyboard
- Storyboard template (1 per student)
- Lead pencil / eraser / coloured pencils (per
- Focus Questions
- Introduction
- What have we been learning about in
Science and English?
Why is it important for us to know about
this topic / issue?
- Has anyone seen a stop motion animation
before? What is a stop motion animation?
- What did you notice about the animation
video? What was different about the way it was
- How do you think they created the images and
make them move?
- Body
- Who knows what a storyboard is?
What is it used for?
- Why do you think its important to storyboard
before we make/ and film our animation?
- What is a sequence?
- How will your group start your storyboard?
(Dense forest, animals etc.)
- What will each scene/drawing represent?
(Changes in environment.)
- How will you show changes / impacts on the
environment? (Animals / trees start to
- What will the last scene look like? (Eventually
no trees left only buildings)
- Conclusion
- Employee
- Who can remember what a stop motion
animation is?
- What is a storyboard? Why is important
to storyboard?
- What is one new thing you have learnt in
today’s lesson?
- Australian Curriculum:
- Design and Technologies
- Explore needs or opportunities for designing,
and the technologies needed to realise
designed solutions (ACTDEP005)
- Generate, develop and record design ideas
through describing, drawing and modelling
- Sequence steps for making designed solutions
and working collaboratively (ACTDEP009)