The adidas method

The adidas method
1. ten years ago
sportswear-makers made futuristic design into product
convincend the consummer bought shoes on their technical function
1. 2004, J. Carmes and Mr. Rasmussen met at a conference in Oslo
2."A mobile phone may have 72 function, only 50 are used"
Founders. 2 brothers
1. Adidas
1. Adi Dassler
2. Puma
Rudolf Dassler
Different marketing
1.Big cheque to star to wear products
2. Puma
2. revenues go on marketing (non-sporting casu clothes
3. Adidas
3. less revenu on marketing - lifestyle goods.
R&D study
customers motivation
spent 24 hours with customer
fitness was THE sport for most
Bayern Munich FC
Professionnal and amateur
Speed hard to train
Light Football Boot
Year of World Cup -> money
Uniform London Olympics
Untraditionally British
Union Jack unrecognisable
Critisism but commercial hit
Football Uniform russia
$2.7 billion football
takeover reeboko