Elements of Fiction - Charlotte's Web - E. B White

Elements of Fiction:
Charlotte's Web
E. B White
The Cycle of Life
Everything grows up and moves on in life,
as seen in Fern raising Wilbur from a piglet
and having to let him go live somewhere
else to continue his life
The Importance of Love and Friendship
Fern learns important life lessons through
having Wilbur and experiencing his love
and companionship, and Wilbur learns the
same through her
The story teaches the lesson that while we
might love something very much,
sometimes it is best to let it go
Fern is very emotional about Wilbur and
his wellbeing, and becomes very upset
when having to give him up after getting
so attached to him
There is very little written dialogue, with
the only spoken words in the story being
between Fern and her parents, mainly her
The story begins with describing how much
Fern loves Wilbur and how she takes care
of him all the time
Protagonist against Society
Fern is forced by her parents to give
Wilbur away even though she doesn't want
to because he is growing too big
Protagonist against Self
Fern has an internal struggle when giving
Wilbur away because she wants to keep
him but she knows he deserves better
Dramatic Plot
Some Pig! tells the back story of Fern and
Wilbur before he is sent to live on the
Zuckerman farm and meets Charlotte the
The story tells how Fern raises Wilbur and
forms a bond with him from a young age,
doing many activities together every day,
until Fern is forced to sell Wilbur to her
Aunt and Uncle
Fern and Wilbur share the protagonist role
There is not true antagonist in this version
of Charlotte's Web
Supporting Characters
Mr. and Mrs. Arable, Avery, Aunt Edith and
Uncle Homer
In Fern's house, outside in the yard, various
outdoor locations
Narrative POV
Omniscient Narrator
The narrator knows the thoughts and
feelings of all the characters