Codes and Conventions Of A Music Video

Codes & Conventions Of A Music Video
Other Areas
Location - Either to fit the narrative or to create a general tone or 'look' for the artist.
Hair, Makeup & Costume - The overall 'look' of the artist is achieved through hair makeup and costume its what sells them as a brand. It helps to show the artists personality.
Notions Of Looking - This elaborates on certain stereotypes and labels that associate with a certain artist or group. These stereotypes are usually taken advantage of in many music videos in order to appeal to specific target audiences.
Technical Areas
Camera - Through certain shots and camera angle a general tone/mood can be established throughout the video and convey an overall theme.
Editing - Via editing, the pace of the music video can be set whether it be fast and upbeat like the song or slow again to suit the song.
Mise En Scene - This can play part in setting the mood for the video through the lighting and set design, it could possibly be the most important area as it includes the visuals that the audience will see and how they perceive it.
Sound - Apart from the actual song non diegetic sound can be used to create a realistic narrative performance in the video.
Style Of Music Videos
Performance When artists perform the
song with no narrative or additional scenes
solely the artist singing their song. They are
not as common as it is hard for the audience
to engage with the video as more creative
and interesting videos are more enjoyable to
Narrative This type follows a storyline, there
are two types; fragmented and linear.
Mixture This is a combination of
performative  and narrative, this is the most
common type of music video as they are
often enjoyable and fun to watch.
Cameo - This is when artists features
in the narrative but don't perform.
Technical & Symbolic
Technical is how meaning is conveyed using
technical equipment e.g. camera angles,
sound, shots, editing etc.
Symbolic is ways of showing meaning beyond
what you can see e.g. facial expression, mise
en scene etc.