Absolute Monarchs in Europe

Noted Rulers
- Kings of the Bourbon dynasty: Henry IV,
LouisXIII, Louis XIV
- Bourbons replaced the Hapsburgs as the most
powerful dynasty
- Fredrick William of Prussia, known as the great
- Phillip of Spain (Hapsburgs)
- Peter the Great of Russia
- Queen Elizabeth I of England
Personality & Ideas
- looked upon themselves as the head of
- Louis XIV came to embody absolutism
- understood there were limits to his authority
despite of his power
- Very religious, and believed strongly in divine
- William used the end of the 30 years war to
gain more territories
- increased his power over subjects
- had power to raise taxes without consent
- Phillip used Spain's wealth to built an armada
- Armada was used to defend Catholicism against
- Peter wanted to westernize/modernize Russia
- learned new ideas on shipbuilding,govt.organization,music,etc
- Elizabeth refused to share her power with a
man/ never married
- Beheaded her cousin: Mary Queen of Scots
Nobility & Government
- Louis built the palace at Versaille for the Nobles
- Had the Nobles focus of luxury rather than
fighting for power
- William had the support of the Nobles
- Phillip's rule: massive inflation and prices soared
- Peter made himself head of the Orthodox