Get Critical- The Blind Side

Get Critical: The Blind Side
Relationships that develop between
Michael (Big Mike) -
Leigh Anne Touhy
The relationship that was made between Lee
Anne and Michael was very special and
resulted in the Touhys becoming Michael's
legal guardian.
Leigh Anne and Michael have a very
substantial relationship in the film, and it is
enhanced by the production techniques.
Throughout the film, close up shots were
used to show the relationship between
Leigh Anne and Michael, and their
expressions towards each other. From
the beginning we saw Michael and Leigh
Anne in a long shot, where both the
characters were illuminated by lights to
show the initial progression of their
SJ Michael
SJ and Michael had a very big brother, little
brother relationship from the very beginning.
SJ was a very outgoing character which
helped their relationship develop. SJ and
Michael helped each other throughout the
The script greatly impacted the view the
audience had on SJ and Michael's
relationship. The way SJ talked to Michael
was warm and casual like they were best
friends and brothers. There are many
scenes with Michael and SJ where they
are happy together and you can see the
relationship between them from medium
and close up shots.
Collins -
Collins took longer to warm to the presence
of Michael, as part of the Touhy family.
Progressively throughout the film, we see
Collins develop a deeper relationship with
Michael, a pivotal point in this relationship
being when, Collins left her friendship circle
to sit with Michael. At the end of the family,
Collins and Michael truly act like brother
and sister, evident when Michael leaves for
As the movie progresses we see more
acceptance of Michael from Collins
perspective, when Michael is formally asked if
he wants to become part of the Touhy family,
there is a notable glance from Collins to
Michael, which will be discussed in production
Miss Sue Michael Oher
Miss Sue and Michael develop a strong
relationship throughout the film; she is not only
his tutor, but also an 'advisor' who encourages
Michael to strive for his best. As a result of
this relationship, Michael gains entry to his
college of choice. Miss Sue helps to guide
Michael, she helps him to find what he is
passionate about.
The trust relationship that Michael and Miss
Sue developed was conveyed a lot through
the script and the camera angles. Close up
shots were used to capture facial expressions
which enhanced the script.
Sean Touhy and
Leigh Anne
One could say that Sean and Leigh Anne
Touhy, have a greater relationship with each
other after the introduction of Michael into their
life. The mood of the relationship is happier
and natural, it is no longer the 'finer' things
that make them happy, but rather their ability
to help Michael. Leigh Anne shares a special
connection with Michael, but Sean does not
suffer due to this, if anything both Sean and
Leigh Anne are now in a happier, and more
cohesive relationship.
Sean and Leigh Anne Touhy develop their
relationship throughout the film, and the way
they are filmed, gives the viewer a greater
empathy for their relationship. They become
happier as Michael becomes more involved
in their family, and this happiness is shown
in the form of wording in the scripts and the
way they express themselves when talking
of Michael.
How characters develop and change:
Their own decisions, motivations, what
influences them
Michael Ohre
He dramatically improves his football
He improves his football as a result of SJ
training him and Mrs Touhy explaining the
game to him, in a way he can
understand. This is not only due to Leigh
Anne, and her explanations, but also
because of his situation in the team, he
has become part of a team, a family, and
with that he learns the responsibility of
being on a team.
Sound enhanced Michael's improvement in
football for whenever he did something good,
there was positive and happy music. The
improvement was also evident in the other
character's facial expressions. Their faces
showed a lot about his rapid improvement in
Not only does he improve his football, due to
the constant support of SJ, but also Leigh
Anne. Leigh Anne helps him to express his
skills, whilst training was essential it was the
mental changes, that helped him to improve
his football.
Leigh Anne not only gives Michael an
understanding of his 'skills' and how a
positive mindset influences this, doing this,
she also shows us what causes an influence
on Michael, the audience begins to learn more
about what motivates Michael's decisions.
He opens up during the Movie
He experiences kindness and trust he is not
accustomed to through the Touhy family.
He develops a sense of trust and belonging
as he becomes closer to the Touhy family.
This is mainly due to the
decisions of Mrs Touhy and
his teachers to try and get
the best out of him and help
him succeed. His peers are
there to support him, and
when he feels the support of
his peers, he is able to
become more comfortable.
This is a gradual process that happens over
the course of the film and it is therefore hard
to identify specific production techniques.
Leigh Anne Touhy
Empathy of an issue, which influences her
Leigh Anne gains an insight into the life of
Michael, which in due course changes hers.
Before meeting Michael, she was lacking a
diverse knowledge of other people, other
than those in her 'closely-knit' community.
Her motivation and influences developed as
she became 'closer' with Michael, and this
then affected the development of her own
unique character.
The production techniques show a transition
of Leigh Anne's empathy of other issues,
other than the world that she has become
accustomed to. When she is discussing her
thoughts of Michael with her coffee friends,
he view is highlighted, and then the view of
the other woman is shown in their close-up
shots. This shows how they react to Leigh
Anne's news, and how Leigh Anne perceives
them to react to her news.
She develops
She develops this integrity over a period of
time form when she lets Michael Ohre into her
house to when she legally adopts it. By
becoming closer to Michael she sympathises
with his situation. She has greater moral
principles, because her eyes have been
opened to something she hadn't previously
This can be seen when Mrs Touhy has an
argument with her friends at lunch, regarding
Michael staying with her. She is more
passionate about Michael, she no longer
sees him as just a person 'staying' in her
house, but a son.
In the scene where Leigh Anne develops
integrity, a range of production techniques are
used. When Leigh Anne is meeting with her
friends for lunch, when she announces the
news that Michael is becoming a significant
member of the family, the woman are shocked
and we see a close up of their facial
expressions and then how Leigh Anne reacts
to this. There is no music prevalent in the
background, meaning that our attention is
just drawn to the verbal matter of the
Coach Cotton
Develops an understanding of players and
people's differences
He develops and understanding of players
and people differences, from lee anne she
shows him how Michael will perform better
and what his big interest are. He decides
to change because its for the better of the
team knowing what there strengths and
weaknesses are. Motivation was a really
big influence in his decision to change, he
was really motivated doing anything to
help the team win the competition.
Coach Cotton expresses his
understanding of other players
through his body language and
facial expressions. Whenever he
spoke to the team, it was either
a close up shot or a medium
shot so that either his face was
emphasised or his body
Key events/moments that develop
First time Coach Cotton saw him playing
Basket ball
The first time the coach saw Michael playing
basketball, not only did it influence his
position to the school, but it also developed
his character to the audience. This was the
first time, we gained an insight into the life
of Michael, but was also the beginning of
the relationship between Michael and his
coach to be.
This moment was demonstrated by the
camera angle in the perspective of the coach.
There were also close ups of the Coach's
face as he realised how good Michael was at
Michael is found by the Touhy's on the street
This moment is a key influential event in the
movie. This moment starts the relationships
between Michael and the Touhys. Due to
this experience, Leigh Anne gains a greater
empathy for those in different and less
fortunate situations, as the ones she has
become accustomed to.
In this scene the scene is set outside during
the evening, and therefore it is dark. Michael is
walking down the road, and is illuminated by
the light of the BMW. We see a shot where
both Leigh Anne and Michael and included in
the frame of the camera, and the viewer can
see how SJ is looking at the scene, as they
use a camera angle from behind his head.
What emphasises the scene, is the fact that
whilst the scene is set in a dark environment,
both Leigh Anne and Michael stand out due to
the light of the car.
Christmas Card
The Christmas card photo shoot at made
michael feel a part of the family, it also
publicly showed the Tough's friends and
families that he is not just a charity case, but
he has become a more permanent part of the
The Christmas Scene is set in the Touhy
residence, and we see the family situated in
from of the fire place with a professional
photographer ready to take their photo. The
camera then does a close up in Michael, whilst
Leigh Anne asks him to join in, this shows the
emotion of Michael and the happiness. As a
viewer we can see that Michael is happy to be
part of the family photograph.
Michael is officially adopted
When Michael is adopted by the Touhys, it
makes him become a more official part of the
family. This is when we see the biggest
change in Michael's confidence. He now has
a permanent place to live, and a family who
will look after him. This is a big adjustment for
Michael, but he goes about it in a relaxed
manner 'I can't imagine being any place
When Michael was formally adopted by the
Touhy's, the producers have used a close up
shot on all the characters, to show how each
of the characters are impacted by this
First American Football game
The first American Football game is a
monuments occasion, for both Michael and the
Touhy Family. After weeks of training, we see
Michael enter the field and begin what was
initially to be a tough game. Michael draws on
his past experiences to ensure that they team
works cohesively, and this is followed by great
success, not only in regards to the game
outcome, but also in terns of confidence.
There were a lot of sound effects in this scene
that complimented the intense mood of the
scene. There were also long shots used so the
audience can see everything going on in the
game. These were used in conjunction with
medium shots so the audience could focus on
what Michael was doing.
First training session (where Leigh
Anne explains the game to
The training session where Leigh Anne
explains the game to Michael was very
important because it showed Michael where
he belonged in the team. Prior to this Michael
was confused about his role in the team, Leigh
Anne explained what Michael was meant to do
in a relevant way to him, which helped him
and revealed his talent in football.
The training sessions had a good use of
narrative script for it was effective and
symbolic. The close up shots also
complimented the script because the
audience could see Leigh Anne's face while
she tried to explain to Michael his place in the
team and the audience could also see
Michael's reactions and responses to what
Leigh Anne is telling him. It makes the
audience feel like they are a part of the
Drafted into the NFL
Being drafted into the NFL was a milestone for
Michael, he was reached a goal, through hard
work and resilience. We see Michael growing
as a character throughout the film, but it is
only here that we see the transition from
school touch football to NFL. All his work with
the family and with his team, has ultimately
been in anticipation of this one event. This
marks the end of one 'chapter' but opens
many others.
Michael is broadcasted when he formally
choses a team, which he will play for in the
NFL. He is sitting in front of three team caps,
and the producers have intentionally focused
on his hand moving from hat to hat, until one is
selected, and then a close-up shot of Michael
is used to show his facial expressions.