Stages of The Holocaust

Stage 1: Stripping of Rights
The Nuremberg Laws stated Jews were...
Forced to carry ID cards
Forced to wear arm band of yellow star of David
Fired from jobs
Banned from German schools
Stripped of German citizenship
Synagogues were destroyed
Stage 2: Segregation
Jews were forced to live in ghettos
Ghettos were filthy, with poor sanitation and overcrowded
Food was scarce so many starved to death
Stage 3: Concentration Camps
Jews were forced to work
and treated as prisoners
Prisoners faced malnourishment
and starvation
Prisoners were mistreated
Prisoners were transported in
cattle freight cars
Men and women were separated
Unsanitary conditions
Stage 4: Exterminatination
Extermination camps were set up
Function of these camps was for mass murder
Called for complete mass annihilation and extermination of Jews
Prisoners were sent to gas chambers that were disguised as showers
Dead prisoners were cremated