Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

undefinedCORRUPTIONLAW AND JUSTICEBREAKING RULES Mohandas Karamchand GandhiConnection to "The white Tiger"Unsuccesful work as attorneyReasons:Too less experience with indian adjucationTo get clients, one had to bribe other, greater attorneys (who delivered some of their clients)Shy personThe indian indepence movement and Gandhi's roleBeginReads book "Unto this last" -> tries to loose material thingsTries to do everything on his own (Haircut, Meal, ...)Occupies himself with kinds of civil disobedience-> first times in prisonBegins to interfere in indian-british conflictsHis doctrin: non-violent! non-cooperative! but civil disobedienceProgressfamous "march of salt" with thousands of peopleMember and president of the "Indian National Congress"1942: Great Britain offers a bargain to stop the "war" -> Gandhi:"Leave india!"Achievement: Independence of India with commercial relationship to GBAfter the IndependenceCivil War between Hindus, Muslims and SikhsMass flight of muslimsGandhi risks his life (hunger strike..) to make the conflicts come to an endImportance for India and its historyHis Birthday is National HolidayNominated for "Nobel Peace Prize"Printed on each indian bank noteMost famous indian personRole in "The White Tiger"As a Symbol for what he is looking in the police station in Bangalore, on the streets of DelhiLots of similarities between Gandhi and Balram (Connections in this MindMap)"You shouldn't be worried if your driver reads the "Murderer Weekly", you should be worried, if he starts to read "Ghandi""PersonalityBiographical details*1869 in Porbandar - †1948 in New-DelhiAttorney Leader of the indian independence movementChildhoodBania-Caste (Merchants)Drinks alcohol, although it isn't allowed in his casteSteals money of his parentsAte goat for one time, although it isn't allowed in his casteGood caste, and solid social statusNamesCalled "Mahatma" or "Bapu""Mahatma"(Sanskrit) = "Great Soul""Bapu"(Sanskrit) = "Father of the Nation"