Murder On The Orient Express Ratchett Death

Scarlet kimono is in Poirot's suitcase
The fake conductor and the woman in the red kimono might be the same person
Ratchett did not speak French, but the voice that told the conductor to go away spoke in French
Mary Debenham was the Countess's teacher in New York
The handkerchief found in Ratchett's room belongs to the princess
The murder was planned to look like an outside job but was in fact done by a passenger
Every person who wrote their address was righthanded with the exception of the princess who refused to write
Woman in the red kimono, the second murderer, might have altered the hands on Ratchett's waatch
All escape routes in Ratchett's were locked from the other sides or did not have fingerprints on them
Hands on Ratchett's pocket watch might have been changed manually
Pipe cleaners identical to the one found in Ratchett's room are found in the Colonel's luggage
Ratchett's enemy could be a woman in disguise
A button of one of the Wagon Lit employees was found in Mrs. Hubbard's room
Not the Wagon Lit
Woman's handkerchief found in Ratchett's compartment
First and Second Murder Theory: Murderer 1 came in the room, killed Ratchett, and left. Murderer 2 comes in and, without realizing Ratchett is already dead, stabs him some more
If true, one killer is righthanded
and the other is lefthanded
Armstrong Connections
Edward Masterman : Colonel Armstrong's
batman in the war and valet in New York
Antonio Foscarelli : chauffeur
Hector MacQueen : uncle was the Armstrong's
Hildegarde Schmidt cook
Greta Ohlsson Daisy's nurse
Mary Debenham Countess's teacher
Caroline Hubbard Linda Arden, grandmother
of Daisy Armstrong
Countess Andrenyi aunt of Daisy
Princess Dragomiroff close friend of Linda
Colonel Arbuthnot Colonel Armstrong's best
Cyrus Hardman in love with the French maid,
Susanne, who killed herself
Pierre Michel father of Susanne
Wounds are too deep to be done by a woman, unless she is athletic
Because the damage to the watch seems purposely misleading, Ratchett must have been murdered earlier than 1:15 AM
Mary Debenham, the Princess, and the Countess are the only possibilities to be the fake conductor
Wounds are too deep to be done by a woman, unless she is athletic
Ratchett was stabbed 12 times - not suicide