FAQ on Movies

FAQ on Movies
what kind of movie do you like?
the type of film I enjoy is (about?) "Time Travel"
The thing about these films that attracts me is that they are imagintive
the film show us the virtual answer. for example, I wonder I would have been like if we hadn't met. or to live in the Roman Times.
this is my key point how the director present answer
in my opinion, this movie feature
travel-time film match another type of film
usually,they usually mix with romance or family.
what's your favorite actor
i'm a film buff, so there are a lot of actor that i admire
but i would have to say that my overall favorite is Benedict Cumberbatch
he is from UK. he is tall and has dazzling smile
he has starred in a number of movies.
what i like the most about his plays is commercial about NIKE.
the tile is "Just DO"
when i feel like failed?, I usually watch this Commercial. and I thinking. "I can do it"
he plays always awesome.
I can't wait to watch his next movie
what's your most memorable movie you have seen?
the most memorable movie I have ever seen is "be with you"
I watched it for the first time as a child
this film is released in 2004 at japan
it features time-travel and family
this film was adapted from the novel
the wife dead when his son 6 years old.
but, 1 year later, she come back home when there is rainy season.
when end of rainy season, she is out and never come back house
in my opinion,
the movie was unforgettable for me.
when she come back house, show never remember all. but she love her wife and her son repeatly.
surprisingly, she know if she get married him, she die. but she choose to get marry him. and then die happly when her son is 6 years.
who do you go with
i like going to the movie theater with my friends to see new movies with they come out.
I see one movie once every three months
i also like going to a cafe and chatting with friends about the movie after watching it together