Harry Potter's Characters

Harry Potter Character
Traits By: Madysen Prater
He is very modest b/c he is rich and doesn't gloat about it. He tries to buy things for his friends whenever he can.
He is very brave b/c he was not scared to do what had to be done even though he could easily die trying to do it.
He is very friendly b/c when he saw that Hermione was alone, he went over to her and became her friend.
He is very fearful b/c he isn't afrain to do what needs to be done to someone, even if it could kill them.
He is very curious b/c he will go out and look/listen to other people to find out things that are going on.
He is very strong b/c even though he does not have physical strength, his "wizard strangth" is stronger than anyone in the world.