Computer System Mind Map

- Function: instructions waiting to be executed by the processor.
- Types of Memory
- Volatile (RAM)
- Loses its content when the power is turned off.
- Holds data or programs that are currently being used t the processor.
- Types of RAM
- Non-volatile (ROM)
- Stores information permanently and doesn't lose the information when it's shutted down. Exist as a chip on the motherboard.
- Data is prerecord for read only and cannot be modified or removed.
- Types of ROM
New node
- Input Device
- Any hardware that allows the user to enter data and instruction into a computer.
Computer System Overview
- Input
- Process
- Output
Machine Cycle (FDES)
- F: fetch
- The control unit fetched the math problem's information and data from memory
- D: decode
- The control unit decided the math problem's instructions and send the instructions and data to ALU.
- E: execute
- The ALU performs calculations on the data.
- S: store
- The results of the math problems are stored in memory (RAM)
- Software Categories
- Open source software
- Created by unpaid volunteers, begin to gin
wide acceptance among computer users.
- Free software
- Example
- Unix, Linux, Ubuntu
- Propietary software
- Privately owned and limited to a specific
vendor or computer model.
- Licensed/paid
- Example
- Windows, Mac OS X
- System Software
- Types of System Software
- Operating System: A set of programs
containing instructions that work together
to coordinate all the activities among
computer hardware resources.
- Types of Operating Sytem
- Stand Alone Operating System
- Server Operating System
- Embedded / Mobile Operating System
- Functions of Operating System.
- Start and shutdown a computer
- Provide a user interface
- Control a network
- Administer security
- Utility Program: A type of system software
that allows a user to perform
maintenance-type task.
- Types of Utility Program
- File Manager
- Provide routine management task
- Disk Cleanup
- Searches and removes unnecessary files.
- Compression Tools
- Shrinks the size of a file(s)
- Application Software
- Web Browser
- Proprietary Software: Internet Explorer,
- Open Source Softwre: Mozilla Firefox,
- Word Processing
- Proprietary Software: Microsoft Office
Word, Pages (Apple)
- Spreadsheet
- Open Source Software: Calc, KCells
- Database
- Definition: a collection of data organised in a manner that allows access, retrieval and use of that data
- Proprietary Software: Microsoft Offuce
Access, Oracle DB
- Presentation
- Proprietary Software: Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Keynote (Apple)
- Open Source Software: Impress, Showcsse
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