Electronic Concept Map

- MindMeister
- Gliffy
- Kidspiration
- CmapTools
- Bubbl.us
- Freemind
- NovaMind
- Graphic representaion of knowledge
- Kind of visualization
- A tool used to organize and represent a concept
- Easy to edit
- Allows students to visualize ideas
- Allows students to organize ideas
- Makes it easy to collaborate with others
- Engages students
- Easier to read and follow than handdrawn concept maps
- Can be visually creative and appealing
Ways to use with students
- As a planning tool
- As a prewriting tool
- To reflect on any content knowledge
- To classify content into categories
Ways to use as a teacher
- To assess a students progress
- To assess a students understanding of a topic
- To promote meaningful learning in students, by allowing them to make connections between concepts
- To organize lessons
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