List of Federalists

List of Federalists
Federalist ideals and opinions
Federalist Papers
List of Federalists
List of Anti-Federalists
Anti-Federalist ideals and opinions
F views
AF Views
- Main leader of Federalists
- Alexander Hamilton
- Edmond Randolph
- James Madison
- George Washington
- John Jay
- Benjamin Franklin
- Series of 85 essays
- Exemplified the Federalist ideals
- Written by
- Alexander Hamilton
- John Jay
- James Madison
- New node
- Supported a strong central
- Much improvement needed
- Entirely uncontested
government body
- Relied on rhetoric of
Revolutionary War
- Step away from democracy
and back to the evil
- Gave president too much power
- No Bill of Rights
- Many said that it's okay if
the Bill of Rights would be
- Leader of Anti-Federalists
- Thomas Jefferson
- Major AFs
- William Paterson
- Patrick Henry
- George Mason
- Opposed creation of a strong
central government
- Local politicians, feared loss of
power with constitution
- Articles of Confederation
- Required unanimous
decision to change it
- Long debate to ratify
- Rhode Island was the final state.
- Much needed improvement
- Inadequacies of national
- Strong govt. would help the
economy grow