Mayella Violet Ewell

Mayella Violet Ewell
Behaves Like
Motivated By
How other characters
see her in the book?
Resemble Like
- stubborn
"I got something to say; then I ain't
gonna say no more."
Chapter 18
This particular dialoge from To Kill a Mocking Bird shows Mayella's character
in detail.
- fearful
"cowards, stinking cowards,
the lot of you."
Mayella is afraid that Atticus's questioning has lead
the jury to question her innocence. Mayella is fearful, hence she appeals
to the jury to have some sense.
- misunderstood
- When Atticus asks Mayella whether she has
any friends, she believes he is making fun of
her. Chapter 18
- Mayella's home life is undesirable. This has scarred
her and causes her to act with hostility
towards Atticus in the much-acclaimed book.
- Shame
- She feels guilty at doing the
unspeakable: "kiss[ing] a black man.";
(chapter 20)
- Lonely
"it came to me that Mayella Ewell must have
been the loneliest person in the world."
Chapter 19
It is made clear that her family does not care about her.
It becomes pretty clear to the readers that her lonliness led her to
flirt with Tom Robinson.
- Victimizer
- Mayella accuses the innocent Tom Robinson
of raping her, thereby turning him into a victim.
Her allegations led to the life of an innocent
man in jeopardy
- Fragile
"Mayella stared at him and
burst into tears."
Chapter 18
Since she is a lonely character, she wants to
gain the sympathy from the audience. This is apparently the very first time when
readers gets the impression of Mayella.
- Clean
- young girl