Peloponnesian War Mind Map

- From seven a Spartan boy would begin
and learn to never show weakness or
Causes of War]
- In 465 BC the Helots broke out in Sparta
and so they needed aid so Athens sent a
force. Sparta dismissed the Athenian fleet
offending the Athenians. (Sparta feared
Athens would switch sides.)
- Pericles wanted to get rid of
Athens last rival, Sparta
- Sparta feared Athens growth and them
controlling trade - Sparta's food might be
Sparta as the New Possible
Controller of the Delian Leagu
- Much of Greece wanted Sparta to
protect them from the Persians, sick of
- Greeks could trust them b/c Spartans were conservative people
who had little interest in conquering the Aegean. Their focus
was their own homeland, managing their own affairs, keeping
the helots down, and security.
- Spartans were focused on war to keep their
slaves, Helots, captured during war in order
when they revolted.
Effect of War on Athens
- Athens had no longer been a powerful force,
while Sparta was established as the leading
power of Greece.
- poverty became widespread in the
Peloponnese, while Athens found itself
completely devastated
Problems with Delian League
- After Athens became co-controler of the League, they
would soon dominate for they has a massive fleet from
money donated by other Greek states. (forced to pay by
- Sparta would soon become a threat to the
main controller of the Delian League
The Creation of the Delian League
- Athens, as the largest Greek polis, wanted to be in charge of
the Aegean world after the Persian Wars. Their reason was for
food and to be in charge of trade routes to feed their large
- In 478 BC The Delian League would be created. Athens and
delegates from the Aegean islands and Ionia would share
partnership to create a united navy to protect Greece from the