Theme of Conflict in Macbeth Mind Map

Macbeth vs
- Lady Macbeth
- Love vs. Hate
- Macbeth and Lady Macbeth passionately
love each other, but are filled with
- Manhood vs. Womanhood
- Macbeth's manhood is challenged by his
wife; her womanhood is challenged by her
- Courage vs. Morality
- In a world where war makes a man great,
where does the conflation with killing and
goodness stop?
- Ambition vs. Peace
- Ambition will lead to success for Macbeth
(briefly at least), but he must wade
through blood to get it.
- The Witches
- Nature vs. Social Order
- Nature is a harbinger of chaos, as well as
acting to effect violence. Can society and
nature coexist?
- Destiny/Fate vs. Humanism
- Did Macbeth have a choice to pursue the
Witches' prophecies, or was he fated to
both murder and be murdered?
- King Duncan
- Ambition vs. Loyalty
- King Duncan was like a father to Macbeth,
and in turn Macbeth murdered him. Did
this drive Macbeth mad?
- Banquo
- Ambition vs. Friendship
- Banquo is Macbeth's closest friend,
yet he murders him to gain the
- Betrayal vs. Morality
- Courtly rules at the time valued hospitality
above almost anything else. Banquo was
murdered on the eve of a banquet for him.
- Jealousy vs. Morality
- The Witches prophesied that Banquo
would head a line of kings. This jealousy
overrode Macbeth's sense of right and
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