The keyboard and mouse

The keyboard and mouse are common input devices and The Monitor and the Printer are common output devices
The only challenges I can see associated with the input
and output devices in class is not keeping up with
technology as an instructor and loosing the interest of the
An input device includes any computer peripheral
that you might use to enter data into the
The number and variety of output devices that can be added to a computer system offer many possibilities for innovative application to teaching and learning, this is a definite benefit in any classroom setting.
Using your classroom printer and selected specialty output media, you can print T-shirt transfers, custom stickers, CD labels,
magnets, glossy digital photos, and a variety of other unique
The mouse is the most common type of pointing device,
allowing the user to move the selection arrow on the
screen monitor displays computer
information on its screen
Typing commands or data into the machine is usually referred to as keyboarding. Because of the prevalence of computer technology in schools and in society in general, many schools now require their students to have keyboarding competencies before they leave elementary school.