A Narrative Essay

A Narrative Essay
First basketball game in high school
During the game : felt the
team spirit, felt we are actually
a team
Results didn't matter because
we showed our teamwork
No one was depressed
First RCY performance
Nervous, pressured
Other groups were so good
Some mistakes during the
performance, felt so bad, but nobody
blamed me
Eager to make the next
performance better
First experience on riding the plane alone
This summer, went to the Japan alone
Airport looked larger than ever
Went to 5 different gates
Asked where to go to more
than 230 people
Frightening experience
Feel grown up
Watching the movie "Harry Potter"
I'm a fan of Harry Potter
Enjoyed every bit of it
Certain lines on the movie was
very touching and impactive
Linkin Park Concert
Loud, confusing, crowded
Jumping and dancing with the music
Stress was all gone !
Missed Chester, the lead singer