Polynomials Class 9

Polynomials Class 9
Identifying the leading coefficient and
the degree of a polynomial
- 8x^2+15
- The Leading coefficient would be 8 and the
degree would be 2
Multiplying and monomial and
a polynomial
- (x+2)(x^2+3x+5)
- You multiply x by everything in the other
parenthesis and then multiply 2 by
everything in the other parenthesis and
then you combine like terms.
Dividing polynomials
- You can either use long term division or
synthetic division
Factoring polynomials
- X-A must equal 0 so to see if the given
binomial is a factor of the polynomial
you use synthetic substitution and if it
equals 0 then it is a factor.
Finding real roots
- Use the zero product property tot find the
zeros or solutions.
Fundamental theorem
- Use the Zero product property to find the
solutions of the numbers and then factor
the solutions.
Investigating graphs
- Linear graph=degree 1
- Quadratic graph=degree 2
- Cubic graph=degree 3
- Quartic graph=degree 4
- Quintic graph=degree 5
Transforming polynomial function
- Vertical=f(x)+K
- Horizontal=F(x+h)
- Vertical stretch=Af(x)