What Are The Three Approaches to Research

Dominant research methodologies used in the human and social science
- Qualitative research is based on a
constructivist or naturalist approach and
began as a countermovement to the
positivist paradigm (Creswell, 1994)
- Designs
- Ethnographies
- Grounded theory
- Case studie
- Phenomenological studies
- Based on the empiricist tradition
established by such authorities as Comte,
Mill, Durkheim, Newton and Locke (Smith,
1983; Creswell, 1994).
- methodologies
- experiment
- survey
- independent variables:
- Biological events
- Social environments
- Hereditary factors
Combining the Two Methods
- the mixing of quantitative and qualitative
methodologies is a possibility in any given
- • Involve the use of observation to address
research questions. Both methodologies
"describe their data, construct explanatory
- From their data, and speculate about why
the outcomes they observed happened as
they did"
- Use techniques that are relatively
analogous at some level of specificity, such
as triangulation.
- Try to discover meaning from the
interpretation of data.
- Use analytical techniques in an attempt to
explain complex relationships in the social
science world
- Utilize techniques to verify their data.
- Use data reduction as an important part of
the data analysis process.
- Promote the role of theory by testing
theory (quantitative methods) or initiating
and building theory (qualitative methods).
- Can use the same collection of data to get