Reasons for The Collapse Of The Weimar Republic

International Factors
The depression: the depression which
started in america but spread world wide
left many german people unemployed and
poor, so these people turned there
frustration to the government which was
currently trying paying back there large
debt and complained that they were not
focusing on there people instead, leading
to more hatred for the government
Many countries still did not fully trust
Germany due to the past two wars:
which put a lot of tenshion between
the Weimar republic and the internal
Nazis Strengths and Successes
propaganda: nazi propaganda was
extremely strong in consolidating
there power and demonising the
Weimar Republic
Hitler's popularity: hitlers big speech at
the beer haul putsch trail put him into
newspapers and spread his popularity all
around the country allowing him to
monopolize a large following
Had the power of fear: through
propaganda and his control over the SA
and later the SS hitler had the power of
fear over people, that if they disagreed
with him they would be attacked,
especially Communist
Weimar Weaknesses and Mistakes]
They caused inflation: the weimar republic
caused the 192223 hyper finlation of the
german mark through over printing money
so that they could give said money to
striking workers
They caused hitler to rise: when he was
appointed chancellor
They were hated by the people (seen as
November criminals): the Wiremar republic
was seen as traitors due to the fact that
they signed the Versaille peace treaty and
ended the war when the german people
thought that they were about to win (which
they were not) this garnered them the
name of "November criminals" and the
distain of the german people