Amazon's Leadership Principles

Amazon's Leadership Principles
Focus on Results
never settle for less
Have a Backbone
challenge decisions
strong convictions
don't compromise
commit wholly
be respectful at all times
Dive Deep
the devil is in the details
never miss the big picture
audit yourself
Earn Trust
be open-minded
listen (not just hear!)
be humble
Be Self-Critical
come forward with problems
benchmark against the best
it's human to make mistakes
Be Frugal
spend money on things that matter
be resourceful
do more with less
invent new ways
be self-sufficient
Take Action
speed matters
take calculated risks
Think Big
bold direction
inspire results
think differently
be forward-thinking
Hire + Nurture Best Talent
raise the performance bar
recognize the best
give them opportunities to shine
coach / mentor
make them leaders too
Have High Standards
bordering on unreasonable
drive team forward
fix problems once and for all
Be Right
a lot!
good judgement
good instincts
Invent + Simplify
expect innovation
look for ideas everywhere
Take Ownership
think long-term
look beyond your own dreams
never say "that's not my job"
Put Customers First
start with the customer, work backwards
earn their trust
be obsessive (in a good way!)