Enlightenment Ideas Spread

Enlightenment Ideas Spread
lives of the majority change slowly
many peasant lives remain the same
slow integration of enlightenment ideas
enlightened despots embrace new ideas
enlightened despot
absolute ruler who brings
political and social change
Fredrick II attempts reform
work for common good
religious tolerance
disdain of torture
Catherine the great studies philosophes' work
equality and liberity
religious tolerance and no torture
Joseph II continues reform
improve peasant life
care for the sick
religious equality
most still worked to secure and gain power
arts and literature reflect new ideas
worked for patrons
from grandeur to charm
Rococo art
light, elegant, and charming
Baroque paintings
glorified battles
The enlightenment inspires composers
classical music
Mozart and other big names
novel/ fictional stories begin to arise
new ideas challenge society
divine right gave power
enlightenment hikers challenged this
writers face censorship
restricting access to new ideas
burned books
imprisoned writers
ideas spread in salons
social gatherings
exchange ideas