Julius Caesar Important Words

Julius Caesar Important Words
Quote: "Knew you not Pompey?"
Definition: Roman general; Latin name Gnaeus Pompeius
Magnus; known as Pompey the Great. He founded the
First Triumvirate, an alliance between three very powerful
Importance: Pompey is important because Caeser
Had beat him in an election and now his
supporters are angry and some want to kill
"Cicero looks with such ferret and fiery eyes as
we have seen him in the Capitol at the senators
that crossed him"
Cicero 106 BC 47 BC A famous Roman senator who
worked at the time of Julius Caesar's rule. Believed to be
one of the plotters against Julius Caesar, he was murdered.
Importance: Cicero was one of the members of the group
plotting to kill Julius Caesar in the play. Historically he
was majorly apposed to Mark Antony, a friend of
outward favor
Quote: "As well as I do know
your out war favor."
Definition: Variations in the physical
appearance of humans, known as human
Importance: It is important because it lets us
know that Cassius knows Brutus's physical
Quote: "Thoughts of great value,
worthy cogitations"
Definition: serious thoughtful
meditation and reflection
Importance: It is important because it lets us
know that Cassius has kept thoughts to himself
about Brutus
Julius Caesar
Importance: Caesar is who the characters in the
play are plotting to kill. They believe that he is a
bad leader and therefore needed to be removed.
"Let no images be hung with
Caesar's trophies"
Julius Caesar 100 BC44 BC One of the Most famous Rulers of
Rome, he was the one of the leaders in changing the Roman
Republic to the Roman Empire. He was hated by some of the
other statesman, and therefore, murdered.