Being able to mix feeling, thinking and
emotion to achieve communication
Personal development consists of manners,
verbal and nonverbal communication, self
control and self treatment.
Symbols are used to express concepts in a
figurative manner
In communication there is always a sender
and receiver involved in the process
There are many forms of communication.
Verbal, Non Verbal, Written,
You can also get a feel for how a
conversation is going based upon the
physical aspects of the other person. ex.
facial expressions, body language, fidgetting,
and all other disturbed body language.
In communication you must establigh
identity and roles with in the situation
encountered. Ex. Teacher and student,
parent and child, boss and employee.
During any kind of communication we have to
be aware of our approach. Especially in a
personal dealing with someone we meet for
the first time.
"Meaning can not be explicity transmitted
from erson to personOnly messages
can be transmitted."
People develop relationships, both personal
and business related through either
successful communication of unsuccessful
Emotions can sometimes get in the way of
successful communications
Social Competence