Free Online Collaboration Tool

Free Online Collaboration Tools
Drawing boards
free hand drawing, basic shapes, upload images
No registration required
Browser based, no plugins required. Very simple interface.
chat box
sharing is done manually, by sending people the URL
drawing exportable as image
functions to clear drawing, background, all
Sticky Notes
Sticky note board
Stickies can have text, images, photos from webcam
No registration needed
Anonymous access can be password protected
Sharing by email, sending URL
Exportable to PDF, Excel and CSV (but includes only the text)
No function to clear the board
Free (with restrictions)
browser-based (HTML5)
No registration required, but possible
Participants don't need registration. Invitation by e-mail
Boards can be zoomed in/out
Colourful stickies, icons, arrows and boxes
not very fast
Exportable to PDF and PNG (as image)
History view of changes, with replay
No way to erase the board
No registration required or even available
To share, manually send the URL by e-mail
open source (Github)
It can be installed locally (Node.js)
Index cards on whiteboard metaphor
very simple interface. All changes are real time for everyone.
No export function
Shared Documents
google Docs
Collaborate on documents like spreadsheets, text documents, presentations, etc.
Google account required for all participants
Sharing done by e-mail notification. Owner must send invites from site
Chat function
No registration required (nor available.)
Browser based
Text sharing
Time slider feature to see evolution of changes
Save revision (snapshots) with restore
Export to HTML, TXT (PDF not working)
Chat window
Authorship colours (to identify who wrote what)
No way to delete the documents
Agile Specific
Free. Real-time update only in paid version
Fixed columns: To Do/In Progress/Verify/Done
Planning Poker
Registration required to create boards. No anonymous access
Mind-map style diagrams, with connected nodes
Sharing is done from the site, one user at a time, and seems buggy when inviting someone that isn't registered yet
Users can't change their name
Exportable to PDF and image
Flash based
Lean Coffee Table
Decision Making
free w/registration
Collective decision making
free account (limited to 1 "group")
Scheduling polls
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