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Station 1
(In-house worker)
If employee level data (employee name & plan) is present, shift+click on particular page. Repeat for other pages too.
Transcribe meta-data and click submit
Carrier Name - Name of insurance company that sent the invoice. Include the name of US State if it is provided in the Carrier name. Eg: BCBS TX, Life Insurance Company Limited, etc.
Group Name - Name of the company taking service from the Insurance companies. Eg: CloudFactory Limited, ABC Inc., etc.
Group Number - Number for which the coverage is for. When a company subscribes for any service from an insurance company, they provide a unique number to identify that particular company. This is also referred to as Customer ID# or Policy #. Example: G123456, 745896, DG452103, etc.
Invoice Number - Number of that particular invoice. Invoice number is also referred to as Bill ID or Billing Unit. When invoice number is not present on the invoice, enter month in which the invoice was sent.
Station 2
(In-house worker)
Identify & tag employee, plan data, SSN and click submit
Left click to mark employee name
Right click to mark plan name. You can mark multiple plans
Ctrl+click before and after SSN to mark SSN
Station 3
Transcribe Member ID (SSN) and click submit.
No other data or context is shown. Only a snippet containing the Member ID (SSN) is shown.
Station 4
Transcribe employee details and plan data.
Member ID (SSN) should be blurred or hidden
First Name
Last Name
Employee ID
Select Plan
Plan Name
If the carrier providing the plan is different than the one on the invoice, use the combination of Carrier + Plan (ie DeltaCare USA Gold, VSP Silver). Plan can sometimes just be numbers (ie 023/106)
Plan Type
This is type of plan. Plan types could be in different formats. Example: EE, EE+SP, EE+CH, FAM, EE+1D, EE+2D, 1, 2, 3, etc.
Number of Enrollees
When ‘plan type’ and ‘number of covered’ both are present in the invoice we use this field to capture the ‘number of covered’.
Employee Cost
Also known as Subscriber/EE Cost. If the cost is broken into Subscriber/EE cost and dependent cost then enter the subscriber cost in this field. If only one cost is listed put it in the total cost field.
Dept. Cost
Dependent Cost - If the cost is broken down into Subscriber/EE cost and dependent cost then enter the dependent cost in this field. If only one cost is listed put it in the total cost field.
Supplemental Cost
This is an added coverage to the life insurance cost and if present in invoice this should be entered in this field.
Dept. Supplemental Cost
This is an added coverage to the dependent’s life insurance cost and if present in invoice this should be entered in this field.
Total Cost
If EE and dependent cost is broken and a total is also provided on the invoice, that total should be transcribed here.
If only one cost is given put it in the total cost field.
Plan Coverage
The coverage amount for For Life, AD&D, LTD and STD should be captured in this field. This is the total amount the insured is covered for.
Effective Date
This refers to individual’s (employee and dependents) original effective date. This is different from the coverage period.
Additional plan present
Show "Next Plan" button and on click user can enter another plan. Validation is same as above.
Show "Submit" button
Station 5 (Review Station)
Station 6 (Merge Station)
Compatibility Testing
OS Support
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Screen Resolution
Windows Laptop Screen
Mac Screen
Browser Support
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
O/P result is received via csv download
Following columns should be present in the downloaded CSV file
Output Fields:
● carrier
● group
● group_number
● invoice_number
● firstname
● lastname
● medicalPlanName
● medicalMemberID
● medicalPlanType
● medicalNumberOfEnrollees
● EEmedicalCost
● depMedicalCost
● totalMedicalCost
● medicalEffectiveDate
● dentalPlanName
● dentalMemberID
● dentalPlanType
● dentalNumberOfEnrollees
● EEdentalCost
● depDentalCost
● totalDentalCost
● dentalEffectiveDate
● visionPlanName
● visionMemberID
● visionPlanType
● visionNumberOfEnrollees
● EEvisionCost
● depVisionCost
● totalVisionCost
● visionEffectiveDate
● lifePlanName
● lifeMemberID
● lifePlanType
● lifeNumberOfEnrollees
● EElifeCost
● depLifeCost
● EEVoluntaryLifeCost
● depVoluntaryLifeCost
● EEsupplimentalLifeCost
● depSupplimentalLifeCost
● totalLifeCost
● lifePlanCoverage
● lifeEffectiveDate
● ADDPlanName
● ADDMemberID
● ADDPlanType
● ADDNumberOfEnrollees
● EEADDcost
● depADDcost
● totalADDCost
● ADDPlanCoverage
● ADDeffectiveDate
● STDPlanName
● STDMemberID
● STDPlanType
● STDNumberOfEnrollees
● EESTDcost
● depSTDcost
● totalSTDCost
● STDPlanCoverage
● STDEffectiveDate
● LTDPlanName
● LTDMemberID
● LTDPlanType
● LTDNumberOfEnrollees
● EELTDcost
● depLTDcost
● totalLTDCost
● LTDPlanCoverage
● LTDEffectiveDate
● otherPlanName
● otherMemberID
● otherPlanType
● otherNumberOfEnrollees
● EEotherCost
● depOtherCost
● totalOtherCost
● otherPlanCoverage
● otherEffectiveDate