How To Build Study Schedule for MCAT

How To Build Study Schedule
Choosing the date of the MCAT test
To construct your MCAT research plan, you may want to pick the date of the exam
This is not always an easy topic to answer, so there are a few questions that you can ask yourself before choosing a test date.
When are you planning to apply to medical school?
Have you taken the subjects that are absolutely required for the MCAT?
What are the other time obligations that you will have during the duration you expect to prepare for the MCAT?
Construction of the MCAT study schedule
content phase
write the name of each chapter of your content review books on a page
list the cumulative number of chapters you intend to finish
the majority of the material books will have about 9-12 chapters per subject, including biochemistry, genetics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and psychology, and sociology.
plan to complete your content analysis in 6-8 weeks, which would be between 7 and 10 chapters a week or at least 1 chapter per day
Based on the MCAT research schedule
The majority-practice process will be 70 percent preparation and 30 percent material, and the material you analyze will be selected on the basis of what you deem to be lacking in practice
it's not enough to just take the practice section, skip over the answer to the option of explanations, and carry on
You should tackle each new full-length with new details, otherwise, you won't see any change in your ranking.
Refine the MCAT study plan
Refining your preparation schedule when you prep for a test like MCAT is not only normal but is also required and strongly encouraged
Unexpected time constraints will eventually occur, and some of your MCAT study plans will have to be shifted around