R-ing 동사활용 MM

동사 활용R-ing 명사 (동명사)형용사 (현재분사)부사 (분사구문)위치:주어/목적어/보어위치: 대체로 명사 뒤위치: 문장 앞, 뒤동사활용 문법To-Rp.p 동사~하다, 이다/있다 My dad stopped smoking.Listening to songs makesfeel good.Don't be afraid of beingjudged by others.A player running on the ground fell down.We watched the teacher pointing at the board. Walking down the street,I enjoyed the scenery of the town.They read novels feeling the sunshine on the grass.기준:1) 사실2) 과거/현재3) 지속/완료해석: ~하기/하는것해석: ~하면서해석: ~하고 있는
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