You tube - mobile detox

Mobile Detox
You tube
Cutting down tech time
Greatest offender
Do you want to become de addicted
step 3
Step 4
step 5
All devices laptop desktop ipad etc.
Mobile Phone
with you 24*7
chilldren and adults use it
few adults also cannot live without it
Become a mode for adults to keep in touch with their children
Step 1
want to reduce the endless hours you spend online
want to increase time yo spend with your family and friends and children?
want your children to spend more time with you
then this is the video for you with actionable points
I am Priya Ramakrishnan...
Sub Topic
Take a note pad and pen and be ready
Step 2
Remove notifications
ruthlessly Uninstall unwanted apps
No mobile in bedroom
Superficial likes and comments dont engage no need to engage
kepp minimal just for callng and a few other apps
Monitor your screen time
Use apps to monitor screen time
60 seconds n whatsapp and it takes 20 mintues to get back to focus on the work on hand
are you willing to start the process of digital detox ?
Please comment in the section below and let me know what you have done o far!