Seperation of Mixtures

Separation of MixturesMethods of Seperation1) Winnowing2) HandpickingProcess of separating husk from grainOn a windy day, stand on a platform and allow the mixture to drop from a pan slowly.The wind carries the husk forward and the grains fall down as they are heavyVisible unwanted particles are removed by handRemove particles guided by vision as they look different3) Sieving4) Sedimentation and Decantation5) Filtration6) Evaporation7) Distillation8) Sublimation9) Centrifugation10) Magnetic SeparationSeperating the particles of different sizes by using a sieve is called sievingYou use a sieve which has holes to sieve the unwanted particles or the wanted particles into a different bowl, leaving the unwanted particles in the other bowl SedimentationSedimentation is to let unwanted solids to settle down when in a liquidWhen impurities have settled down, the liquid which is clean at the top is called supernatant liquidDecantionWhen all the impurities have settled, we carefully transfer the supernatatant liquid into another bowlAnd the impurities are called SedimentWithout disturbing the sedimentThe supernatant liquid has very less impuritiesPeople usually filter the liquid too while decanting the mixtureThe process of pouring off as much clear liquid as far as possible without disturbing the sediment is called decantation.The method of seperation of insoluble solids by allowing it to stand still, such thar the insoluble solids settle at the base of the vessel is called Sedimentation.The process of seperation of insoluble constituents of a mixture from the liquid constituent by passing the mixture through a material is called Filtration.The clear liquid obtained from the process of filtration is called FiltrateThe remains of the mixture which is still on the filter paper is called ResidueThe material used to filter the mixture is called Filter PaperThe process when we heat the mixture of a insoluble solid and a liquid to the liquid's boiling point to get the solidThe process of seperating a mixture of insoluble solid and liquid when we want the liquid.We boil the liquid and then condense it into another bowl.The solid will be seperatedThe whole process is basically evaporation, condensing then precipitating the liquidWhen we boil a mixture to make the solid sublimate by heating and making sure that the other solid is not affectedThe other solid may burn so we have to make sure notThe process of spinning a mixture so much that it gets seperatedWe use this process to seperate blood samplesThe process when you need to seperate a magnetic substance from another substance.Using a magnet to seperate the magnetic substance will get the magnetic substance away from the otherHence, they get seperated
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