Jessica Begay

Jessica BegayAbout me I am going to briefly discuss who I am and how I relate tothe content of my website Include digital photo that relates to my siteContact Methods of contacting me will be given Phone number, PO box, city and state, zip,and social media will be linkedStrategic Planning This web planner will be included onto thewebsite for Jane to see Map will be embeddedReference Page going to list the academic sources andwebsites Academic sources will be creditedMy portfolio I will include a bit of an artist's statementabout my work Photos of my work will be put on the sitealong with the mediums usedHelp lines Will include phone numbers and sources forpeople who struggle with their mentalhealth Links to the sites will be providesTips This page will include informative tips aboutmanaging your bad habits and turningnegative emotions into something beautiful. Helpful methods and art mediums will belisted as a way of introducing people toexpressing their work through art.Artists to know A brief description of the artists that havepersonally helped me or grapple with the Will include photos and pictures of artists'works and their vision
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