Making a Hershey Chocolate Bar

What Are The Steps For
Making a Hershey Chocolate Bar
1. Raw Ingredients:
2. Cocoa Bean Processing:
3. Milling and Pressing:
4. Mixing the Ingredients:
Dairy farms and cows provide the milk needed to make chocolate.. Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor are combined to make the chocolate. The mixture is called chocolate crumb.
5. Refining:
The chocolate crumb goes through steel rollers and becomes chocolate paste. Granite rollers make the chocolate smooth and into the chocolate that makes the Hershey products.
Main ingredients for chocolate come from other lands, like Africa for example. Cocoa beans are harvested and taken to Hershey, Pennsylvania.
Beans are delivered all year and are put in storage places.
The nibs go through a milling process to rid them of their liquid. They become chocolate liquor. Other ingredients are added back to make different types of chocolate.
We need milk to make milk chocolate.
The beans are cleaned and then sorted depending on their flavor. The beans have different flavors because they are from different places in the world.