Paul Cezanne

Una moderna Olympia,1874La casa dell'impiccato, 1872/73Autoritratto con cappello, 1879-80Natura morta, 1899I giocatori di carte, 1895Montagna St.Victoire, 1905Le grandi bagnanti di Philadelphia, 1906THE ARTISTIC CAREERPAUL CEZANNE"to perceive is also to remember": it is organized through thought, memory and memory in the consciousness and there is a balance between inner reality and outer reality.The Impressionist period"I want to paint the virginity of the world" The synthetic periodThe latest productionTHE NEW ARTThe new art is no longer based on the fleeting moment that the "petit sensation" suggests, but wants to find the essence of realityOvercoming of ImpressionismAlways very fast brush strokes and with an intense graininess are characteristic of his artbrushstrokeHe studies both space and shapes, giving importance to light and color to create a single harmonic construction, giving life to almost architectural structures.A visionaryA protagonist of Cezanne's paintings, it plays an important role in the play of light and shadow, with juxtaposition often used.Colorsensory, non-conceptual knowledgesearch for virgin perception, without the filters of reality-Exposed at the impressionist exhibition of 1874 -Juxtaposition of colors -Fast brush strokes -The nude is full of energy in the center of a centripetal spherical space, enhanced by the gesture of the woman behind him