The Maze Runner

The Maze RunnerOverviewMain CharactersNumbersIn a postapocalyptic world, the government organization WICKED searches for a cure to stop a zombie-creating virus called the Flare. WICKED kidnaps children and uses them in human experiments. Emerging as a leader, teenage Thomas helps other test subjects fight back against WICKED in pursuit of freedom.The Kill OrderAfter Sun Flares destroy Earth and a virus annihilates the population, two heroes try to save humanity.The Fever CodeWICKED kidnaps children immune to the Flare and uses them in experiments to find a cure for the virus.The Maze RunnerThomas and the Gladers fight their way through WICKED’s maze to recover their memories and freedom.The Scorch TrialsThe Gladers must survive a trek through the wasteland to reach a government safe zone.The Death CureAfter traveling to Denver, Thomas must fight off WICKED’s murderous clutches one final time.The Maze Runner FilesConfidential WICKED files, recovered correspondence, and suppressed memories are revealed.GLADERSWICKED: Government agency interested in population control and human experimentationOTHERSThomasWICKED’s prime candidate to save humanity; hero of the seriesTeresaFormerly named Deedee; telepath loyal to WICKEDMinhoAggressive, loyal Keeper of the Runners